AVB’s sacking in limerick form – not an everyday occurrence

Who says university isn’t fun? We had an interesting assigment to write a poem about a news story. Being the sport-obsessed fool I am, it had to be the big story of the time: the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. Here is my limerick-style attempt.


There once was a rich man called Roman
Who wanted a team full of showmen
His Portuguese boss
Had yet another loss
And Chelsea’s season was frozen

He called his buddy the Special One
Who people were sorry had gone
Jose couldn’t kid
He’d stay in Madrid
And Roman’s back at square one

It could be the Spaniard called Rafa
Who’ll come in to be the Blues’ gaffer
Fernando might score
But the fans aren’t sure
For the Spaniard’s as mad as a hatter

They beat the giants of Naples
And Europe’s glory is still on the table
But the vital race
To capture fourth place
Could be nothing but just a fable

Now Chelsea’s position could dive
While the Gunners and Newcastle thrive
Roman must pick
But has to be quick
Or it’s Thursday nights on Channel Five



About Tom E McKeown

I am a freelance journalist with 18 months' writing and sub-editing experience, and also worked at the London 2012 Olympics for the host broadcaster.
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